Yax-kin is a name with much symbolism to the ancient Maya literally means "Green Sun". Yaxkin Hostel, was founded in 2008 in Palenque, Chiapas, in order to provide travelers worldwide, the best lodging option with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. A place to enjoy the beauty and culture of southeastern Mexico at affordable prices and with the highest standards of quality.
At Yaxkin Hostel we fully respect the environment, we use various methods, means and sources of renewable energy to be self-sustaining and contribute with the environment. We currently use:

• Biodegradable Products

• Solar water heaters

• LED lighting for energy savings

• Recycled materials in construction projects

• Recycled paper for stationery and other paper products

• Glass containers for waste reduction

• We separate garbage into inorganic and organic for composting

• We raise awareness to our guests in energy saving matters

• We encourage respect for local culture and biodiversity

• We are looking for new ideas to help us improve in this area

• We want to be 100% energy self-sustainable

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